Two Prominent Artists started Gaming

Recently, Comedian / Actor Jack Black started his own Youtube Gaming Account named as JablinskiGames and accumulated almost 4 million subscribers. Over the past two months, he has made 11 videos that consist of Vlogs, and visiting gaming places together with his son. Since it’s called JablinskiGames, some are wondering why Jack Black is not uploading about playing Video Games yet. His very first video in his youtube, he stated that it’s going to be bigger than Ninja and Pewdiepie. Since then, his subscribers are anticipating him to play. Two days ago he posted a video on youtube that he is actually playing a video game. Brutal Legend that was released way back on 2009 starring as himself, Jack Black. He plays his own character doing a face cam gameplay commentary. We might be seeing another video from him playing the game and soon he may play other games once he finishes it.

Everybody is welcome to play video games whether you are young or old. Even artists are included. Panic! At The Disco’s Frontman, Brendon Urie started also to stream via twitch playing Fortnite, Resident 7, Sea of Thieves, and other games. Aside from singing live and recording songs, Brendon seems to enjoy playing video games while interacting with his audiences. His followers in Twitch right now is around 150,000 and estimation of 35 subscribers as of now and it will continue to increase on his next stream.
Here’s his Twitch Stream Stats:

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