The Last Of Us – Review (2019)

Intro to Post-Apocalyptic game

Survival Post-Apocalyptic game is not something new in these days especially there are multiple games like Dying Light, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, Days Gone, Fallout, and more post-apocalyptic games. This kind of game genre includes deformed creatures that have been exposed to radiation from nuclear explosions and other biohazards. Zombies are also one of the enemies of this kind of game aside from bandits that belong to different factions. Most of this genre is now an open-world system where the player can utterly roam everywhere in the map and they can continue their progress after finishing the game story to complete the game’s side quests and to gather missed items. Looking back six years ago, the same kind of game was released back then. 

The Game that Changed the perspective

The Last Of Us is a third-person survival post-apocalyptic game that was released on the 14th of June 2013 exclusively on PlayStation 3 since its developer is Naughty Dog that is tied to Sony and it is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Then a year later, it was released on PS4 as a Remastered where the graphics of the game are enhanced compared to the original version. Aside from its genre, it is a linear game that means when the game has ended, the player cannot continue the progress except loading the last save data before the final act. The story of the game revolves around on Joel and Ellie that are both on a mission to seek the organization called “Fireflies” where they believe that the infection can be reversed using a cure from a special person who is immune to the infection that had caused genocide and made the human race at the brink of annihilation. Their journey will not be as simple as they have expected for they will face different kinds of factions who will do anything to survive. 

The Gameplay and Movements

The gameplay is like the other linear games that there is no freeroam when the game is finished. Controls of the game are sleek and well-mapped especially when moving the character to any directions. The good thing about movement is that they also feature the quick turn movement where the character will instantly face the opposite direction which will help when in a dire situation and will help to maneuver the enemies. This will also add convenience to the player. The Directional Pad or simply known as the D-pad of the Dualshock controller is used specifically for browsing or shifting to other weapons gained by the character throughout the story. Crouching is an essential move of the character to avoid or to stealth kill an enemy. This can also be used to save ammunition and strategize the situation but this is a tedious work that once caught and failed, it can alert other nearby enemies to attack the player. Another function of crouching is taking cover behind an impenetrable wall, solid boxes, logs, and other hard surfaces to prevent the character from taking any damages from the bullets of the enemies.

Kinds of Weapons

There are seven firearms in the game including Bow which can take down an enemy silently with one hit if aimed correctly. Ammunition is limited in this game. Therefore, it will not drop every time from fallen enemies and it cannot be found always when scavenging to different places. That is why guns are not the only weapons in the game but there are a lot more that can be picked up or craft when enough materials are gathered. Molotov Cocktails are one of the craftable weapons and throwable weapons in-game that when low on ammo or the enemies are near each other, it can be a great use. Craftable weapons save the character’s ammo and will not alarm other enemies within the perimeter. Melee weapons can be picked up and can be crafted to improve its damage or it can be crafted directly. Shiv is one of the examples of melee weapons that can instantly take down an opponent during stealth but the usage of it is limited and it will break afterward while the switchblade is the unbreakable weapon exclusive to Ellie that can be exploited. 

The Significance of using Melee Weapons

Machete and Hatchet can also kill an enemy in just one strike when in stealth. They can also be used when detected or fighting a group of enemies but will not kill them instantly. Baseball bat and 2×4 lumber are also the part of the melee which can be used also instead of guns and all of them can be upgraded to become more destructive and also to prolong its longevity. Maneuvering enemies while in stealth is not an easy thing to do that is why bottles and bricks can be used to distract the enemies. It can be thrown to a specific location within the reach of the character and the enemy will move to that location where the object is thrown. These can also be used to stun enemies when thrown at them. Main Weapons can be upgraded at the workbench located throughout the story to further increase its attributes but will require enough materials to upgrade it. 

Character’s Skills are Essential

Character Skills are essential to progress in the game to increase the survivability rate. It can be upgraded during or out of combat. Some of the Skills include maximum health upgrade, healing speed, and weapon sway to be more precise when aiming. To upgrade it, a certain number of supplements that look like a capsule must be collected. Health is the most paramount element in this game and must not be disregarded. The player can heal itself using the health kit which can be found in the game and it can also be crafted. There is also food like canned foods and energy bars which can be picked up on some locations in the game to slightly restore the health. Although it is not an open-world and no freeroam, in the end to make fun of killing the zombies and other rogue humans, the game is quite impressive especially its story and I easily got enticed playing it. 

New Game Plus and A Side Story DLC

Once the game has ended, a new feature will be available when playing the main game. New Game Plus is a feature where the player can start again at the beginning of the story with the same difficulty to continue completing the Skills and other collectibles while some weapons cannot be accessed immediately but will remain on the same upgrade level when obtained gain. After ending the main game, an extra game “Left Behind” which can be downloaded as a DLC that later became included as a bundle in the PS4 remastered version can be played. Left Behind is a side-story set during the events of the main game where Ellie is the main character of it. The DLC completes the missing piece to the main game. 

That Last Of Us 2

In 2016, a sequel of the game has been unveiled as a trailer then later in 2018, a new video that shows the new trailer which includes some of the gameplays of the game. Finally, in September 2019, another new trailer including gameplay and the official release date are confirmed. The Last of Us 2 will be released exclusively on PS4 / PS4 pro on the 29th of May 2020 and the game can now be pre-ordered either on a digital or physical copy. 

Final Verdict

After finishing the first game just recently, it is apt to say that The Last Of Us is a game where killing zombies and other enemies are not just the main reasons why you will fancy this game. Its story is appealing that will surely make everyone hooked on and will be excited to play the sequel of it.

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