The DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2019 experience so far

Finally, DOTA 2 Battle Pass is now available and its Prize Pool for the upcoming The International 9 (TI9) is still increasing. Many avid and hardcore DOTA 2 player have been waiting for the release of Battle Pass 2019. Every year, the Battle Pass is the much-awaited event to all the DOTA players. Having a Battle Pass gives you exclusivity and a privilege to access the ranked match with roles (also available to DOTA Plus subscribers) that you can play your comfort roles and giving you the opportunity to acquire Immortal Treasures 1, 2, and 3. There are lots of features when you purchased a battle pass aside from it.

One of the benefits of having it is that you will receive a Rylai’s Blessing after reaching a specific level on your BP. This blessing will grant you to spin a wheel to win random custom skins and a chance to receive an Arcana. Note that one spin will require Rylai’s Battle Blessing in order to do it but don’t worry because it will be received when reaching a specific level just like the immortal treasures. Spinning a wheel also includes a DOTA Battle Pass levels. Other ways to receive the blessing is using a shovel during in-game. Shoveling in-game will sometimes give you a player card pack, battle pass level, and Rylai’s Battle Blessing. There is a chance that you will receive a rare set of items or a custom skin. You can earn the shovel by leveling up the BP throughout the game.

Next thing about BP’s feature is the Jungle Expedition Challenge wherein multiple hero challenges await to the players. After finishing this challenge, players will receive three exclusive Rare item sets for Sven, Ursa, and Dazzle. Players will obtain BP points and a DOTA Plush Shards for DP users when they have defeated specific challenges. An alternate color for the hero set can be also obtained when finishing specific challenges. The Jungle Expedition is quite tedious and you never know if the game will be good or bad that is why turbo mode is the best way to grind it. The iconic chat-wheels is still included but you need to grind your way to get it.

There is a new feature included when BP is purchased that is called Coaching where you can share your thoughts and giving advice to other players after they have played a certain match. Doing this will be given BP EXP rewards. A special Campaign Mode MO’ROKAI of this year’s Battle Pass will be available soon that will have multiple rewards when successfully finished it.

There is still a lot of months and time to enjoy and purchase it that is why its prize pool will still continue to increase. Battle Pass level can be upgraded by purchasing if the user wants to immediately get a higher level and received the Roshan and the DOTA 2 Aegis shield.

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