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A vast open-world game with a mixture of action is what gamers always wanted ever since. Especially, if the game is based on a movie series. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is released on November 15, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes place after Senator Sheev Palpatine who is also revealed as the Sith Lord Darth Sidious gave a deadly order known as the “Order 66″ to all the Clone Troopers to obliterate all Jedi and their Padawans in Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. 

Aside from the Jedi survivors in the Movie and Comics after the Order 66 incident years later, the game tells the story of Cal Kestis, a Jedi Survivor from the sinister order hides in the planet of Bracca as a Scrapper. Hiding in the shadows did not last long when the Galactic Empire sent out the Storm Troopers along with the Inquisitors to search for the remaining Jedis to either eliminate them or interrogate to join the Empire. The protagonist Cal declines to surrender that started his journey to search for the Holocron that contains an intel about the Jedi. The game is a Third-Person Open-world Action-Adventure where you can travel to different in the Galaxy. 

There are no Sidequests but the game can be completed 100% by exploring all the areas of every planet and finding all the chests. Some Chests are hidden and hard to obtain without acquiring a special ability obtained by the player throughout the story mode. Aside from collecting every Bogano Chest, the Life, Force, and healing stims can be increased by finding a special chest around the planets that may also require some abilities that can be obtained throughout the story to get it. Skills can be unlocked by accessing the Skill Tree via Meditation circle but it requires enough levels to unlock it. Additional combos, moves, and damage increase can be gained by unlocking it. 

When it comes to leveling to acquire a skill, it is easy to gain because there are collectibles like Force Echo, opening chests, defeating an enemy especially a boss which will result in a heavy amount of experience to level up. If the player dies, it will lose all the experience points but not the level to purchase a skill and the only way to retrieve it is to strike the enemies that have killed Cal. It is possible to unlock everything in the skill tree before reaching the final act of the game. When the game ends, the player can still revisit the other planets to unlock everything to complete it 100 percent but cannot repeat the final mission. 

The combat style in the game requires focus and proper timing to initiate attacks and follow-ups to execute a combo on your enemies. Some enemies can be easily annihilated by just spamming the attack buttons but some enemies like bosses and mini-bosses require a strategic plan to finish them off. Like any other fighting or hack and slash games, it also has a quick step, roll, block, parry, and counter. These are useful to avoid any dreadful situation especially when you’re low on health and no stim canister left. They are also beneficial to maneuver every opponent in the game but take note some special attacks of the enemies cannot be blocked, parry, and counter. 

Health and Force Meter can be healed by using the meditation circles that can be found inside the Ship and scattered all around the planet but take note all enemies that were previously killed except bosses will respawn after the health and force are replenished. Aside from the enemies’ health, they also have a guard meter which is akin to Sekiro’s game “Posture” that when it is depleted, enemies cannot guard or block the incoming attacks then later replenish when out of combat. The protagonist also has a guard meter which can put him in peril when it is depleted and his health condition is low. 

Enemy attacks are well accurate and with agile but it can be prevented by analyzing it so be sure to take precautions when facing them. Some enemies just take one strike to kill especially the Stormtroopers and their blasters that can be deflected towards them leading to their death. Different finishing moves can be executed toward the enemies when they are close to dying and the player cannot choose what will be it. Some death blows are part of the game’s cutscenes. Since Disney owns the Star Wars Franchise, there is no violence in the game like cutting the enemy’s body parts primarily their heads, arms, body, and legs except if the enemy is an android/Robot or extraterrestrial creatures. 

Outfit of the player can be changed by accessing the pause screen. The outfit is divided into two parts; Poncho and Outfit. While the Ship (Mantis) and BD-1’s (droid companion) skin can also be changed anytime in the same screen. Other styles of Outfit and Skins can be unlocked by opening chest scattered all-around the planet just like collecting the Life, Force, and Stim Canister. This is my first Star Wars game and I appreciate what the developers have done just to make this game because this is an exclusive single-player game and it does not require the internet to play it. 

Overall, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a kind of game that must be played for those who are fans of the Star Wars both in the movies and Comics and for those who want to try this game because it is somehow like a mini Souls/Sekiro Game but with less difficulty that is quite challenging. After finishing the game, there might be a sequel because Cal is not just the Jedi who has survived Order 66 when he was still a Padawan. Ergo, A sequel in the future is quite possible but it’s still not certain yet and let’s not get our high hopes that they will be developing it.

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