SADES Sycthe Gaming Mouse Review

Having a decent gaming mouse gives an advantage, comfort, and accuracy to any gamers using it. It comes with different sizes to perfectly match on to a gamer’s hand that can change their gaming experience. There are lots of gaming mouses to be mentioned and when it comes to their prices, some are expensive while others have a reasonable price and their performance and design are never compromised. One of the gaming peripherals from SADES that is also specialized both in working and gaming is the SADES Scythe Gaming Mouse.

SADES is known for its mid-range prices but still delivers comfort and competitive gaming experience like other known brands. The SADES Scythe weighs for only 98 grams (0.22 lb) which makes it a lightweight mouse that can glide and move quickly that can be used as an advantage when changing to a different direction when in-game. It is lighter than the SADES Revolver but the design is heavier compared to it having a length of 132.2 mm, 74 mm wide, and the height is 40.7 mm. The cable of the mouse is non-braided and its length is approximately 1.8 meters that can be adjusted anytime.

Its input plug is a USB which is compatible on both laptops and desktop computers. The mouse has seven buttons that can be customized using the SADES Scythe driver that can be downloaded on their website. Aside from the left and right buttons, it features the rubber mouse scroll wheel button, DPI buttons, and two side buttons. It even includes their new sniper button that when being pressed, it lowers the DPI to aim their targets and have more accuracy, especially when playing FPS games like CS: GO and PUBG. The mouse is RGB where it can be seen on its Logo, both sides of the scroll wheel, and both sides of the mouse. To fully customize the mouse, a driver must be installed.

In the driver, there are multiple ways to customize the mouse; re-mapping the buttons, adjusting the DPI speed up to 4000 that changes the color of the logo based on the 4 DPI settings, increasing the polling rate up to 500Hz, tweaking the mouse speed, scrolling speed, and the double-click speed. Aside from the button and speed customizations. For users who always want shortcuts, a macro is also included in the driver to fully customized the buttons of the mouse.

It has an LED mode wherein it activates the different color lightings of the mouse that has a total of 11 LED mode and can adjust the speed and brightness of the lightings.

• Colorful Streaming is the first LED Mode of the SADES Scythe that features all the colors from the spectrum coming down from both sides and in the scroll wheels. The lighting effect can also be seen in the logo of the mouse.

• Static mode displays only one color at the time but can be changed from a wide variety of colors from the selection.

• Breathing Effect, which is most likely available to other SADES gaming peripherals has the same effect that displays 7 different colors but can be customized including its speed from transitioning to another color.

• Tail effect displays different colors one at a time that has a falling and rising effect that can be seen in the mouse. The speed of the effect can be changed in the driver.

• Neon is the fifth LED mode of the SADES Scythe gaming mouse that transitions from one color to another color without blinking. It instantly replaces the previous color to the next color arrangement of it and the speed can be adjusted as well.

• Colorful Static is from the word itself “static” that features a steady lighting mode and an array of 4 colors can be seen on the mouse that can be edited.

• Flicker has two colors available in this mode but it can be changed and its speed can also be adjusted from slow, mid, and fast.

• Response effect is when the buttons are being pressed, random lights are activated but it can be changed in the driver settings including the speed of it.

• Streaming compared to the colorful effect features only 1 color at a time but it never blinks. It just gives a steady constant color and changes to another color depending on the transition speed.

• Wave is a kind of effect that all colors from the spectrum are coming on the bottom then rising to the end of the mouse.

• The last LED Mode of the SADES Scythe is the Trailing effect. Different colors one at a time falling from the mouse.

Overall, the SADES Scythe Gaming Mouse is the bang for the buck for gaming and at the same time for office uses. This mouse is suitable for long-term use especially in gaming that is why the lifespan of the buttons can last up to 20 million clicks that allow the user to fully utilize and unlock the true potential of it while enjoying its aesthetic design and deliver a competitive gaming experience. The SADES Gaming Mouse can be purchased for only $30.50 (PHP1571.21) via AliExpress. If you are looking for a budget gaming mouse with an assurance of longevity including performance and its aesthetic design, then the SADES Scythe gaming mouse is what budget gamers need.

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