Resident Evil 3 Remake is Finally Happening

During the PlayStation State of Play Episode, some new games were revealed during its Livestream on Facebook including the much-awaited next remake installment. Resident Evil 3 Remake officially unveils where it shows the remodeled Jill Valentine including Carlos and other Characters of the Story. In the video, it showed some of the clips in Resident evil 2 and then later a scene where Jill running outside from the building trying to escape from someone who almost looked like a Tyrant or maybe Nemesis himself then later jumps in the alleyway.

This scene almost looked like the intro gameplay of the original Resident Evil 3 back in the PlayStation 1 days. With that being said, the remake will be released on April 3rd of 2020 as shown in the Announcement Trailer and it will be available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game can be soon pre-ordered to get the classic Resident Evil 3 Costume Pack. It also includes the online game Project: Resistance. In the meantime, to those who did not play the classic game before, it is now the right time to play it to experience the survival horror of the Resident Evil 3 game and escape Raccoon City. A Limited Collector’s Edition of the game that includes the game itself, Raccoon City Double-Sided Map, Digital Double Album Soundtrack, STARS Item Box Packaging, Collector’s Artbook, and an 11 Inches Jill Valentine Figure can be pre-ordered on their site. The video clearly shows that it is an over the shoulder third person game just like the second remake.

Photos: (c) Capcom

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