Resident Evil 2 Remake gets an Unlock Everything DLC

Finally, all your efforts are worth it. You have beaten the game in Hardcore Difficulty in less than two hours to unlock the unlimited weapons. You have finally unlocked Hunk in The 4th Survivor and made a record to it and all The Tofu Survivors have also been unlocked with their own time record. The Free DLC Ghost Survivors have been completed as well. Just when we thought that it is finally over, we were all wrong. Recently, a paid DLC has been released where everything is unlocked including the infinite weapons, Extra Mode The Ghost Survivors and The Tofu Survivor/s, costume, Model, and Concept Arts.

Grinding the game to unlock everything is seriously tedious and can take some time. For those who are casual gamers that just want to have fun, they can purchase this DLC to experience it using the infinite weapons to cheese the zombies and make Mr. X (Tyrant) Cry every time when they encounter it. As for those who have played it and finished it already but did not unlock everything in the game, you can still buy it and don’t ever feel bad about it. We play to forget the stressful lives that we have in reality for a short time. By Purchasing the DLC, it unlocks the extra mode The 4th Survivor, The Tofu Survivor, an Unbreakable Combat Knife, and infinite ammo for the Samurai Edge, LE-5 Submachine Gun, ATM-4 Rocket Launcher, and the Minigun. All alternate costumes, concept art, and models are also unlocked as part of the DLC package. The “All In-game Rewards Unlock ” DLC is optional and it is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).
The add-on DLC in PS4 and Xbox One cost $5.00 (₱260.13) while the PC version is just $3.44 (₱179).

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