Replacing a Dead CMOS Battery and its effect on your PC

You just went home from your work or school. It has been a stressful day and you want to forget it by playing video games, but when you turned your computer on it gives you a weird message “All settings were reset to default values”. You have no idea what is going on since you always turn it off properly to make it will not be corrupted or other boot related issues. You are then being prompted to either press F1 to run the SETUP or F2 to Continue.

This is one of the symptoms of your computer having a CMOS Dead Battery. To some users, it does have a huge effect because having a CMOS Dead Battery will not load your saved settings in the BIOS like Overclock, Boot Priorities, Fan Speed, and other Boot related settings that can be adjusted. It will also not load the correct date and time after booting up to desktop.

There are other issues aside from CMOS Battery failure like not booting the computer or occasionally turns off. Sometimes, it does not detect devices like mouse, keyboard, headset, and printer. Other ways to fix CMOS is using the CMOS jumper or CMOS Button that is located on the Motherboard. Note that some motherboards may not have it.

According to Computer Hope, CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) “is an on-board, battery powered semiconductor chip inside computers that stores information. This information ranges from the system time and date to system hardware settings for your computer”. I have experienced this problem before and resolved it. I would like to share it to everyone especially for those who are still unaware of it and for those having the same problem.

The blue light will blink once the Power Supply has been turned on

Another way to determine if the battery is totally drained or not working anymore is there will be a light indicator once you powered the PSU before pressing the power button of the chassis. CMOS Battery can last from three to five years, but since I always use my computer for five to eight hours a day, mine has only lasted for three years. The battery can be purchased online and it is very cheap in price. Just make sure you are checking if the seller is legit and if the item has reviews.

The battery that I purchased is SONY cr2032 3V. It only costs 20 PHP (0.38 USD) per batteries and I bought it at a physical store. Removing the old battery is easy. Before removing the battery on the motherboard, be sure that the computer is turned off and you can also use an anti-static glove if it’s necessary to avoid any shock from it.

There will be a lock in the battery and it needs to be pulled on a proper direction to remove it. I pulled mine to the right as you can see in the picture. Once you have finally replaced it, it will now boot normally and don’t forget to check your BIOS settings if it has been retained. The date and time will also sync back based on your time zone when it loads to desktop. Help your friends and let them know about it so that if it happens again, it will be easy to repair and replace it.

Thanks to the internet and to my friend who helped me fix it.

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