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Exploring the wild west in the year 1899 while riding horses and trains are essential to traverse from different places. Finally, after some years, Rockstar had launched the next installment of its successful game. Red Dead Redemption 2 was released back on October 26 of 2018 exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game is developed by Rockstar Studios and published by Rockstar Games. Then a year later, the game has made its way to PC. At first, the PC version of the game came first in the Epic Game Store but after a month later it followed its launch in Steam. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game and it is a prequel to the First Red Dead Redemption in PlayStation 3 that tells the story of the Outlaw Arthur Morgan and his gang who are bandits roaming around the Fictional States, Western part of the US to hide from the bounty hunters and law. Like any other hybrid open-world action-adventure game, it features a vast size of the map where the player can roam anywhere via horses, trains, and fast-travel by accessing the fast-travel option in the camp. Take note that the fast-travel does not mean that it will instantaneously move the character on the specific location like in any other games that also have the feature. 

Fast-travel in RDR2 will just transfer the character in the visited towns only near to its objective or destination so you will still need to run or use a horse to get there. Many surprises are waiting on the map. There are wild animals that can be hunted to cook, skinned, and even donate or sell them to butchers. Animal pelts can also be brought to trappers that are disseminated around the map to craft new gears. Legendary animals are not hard to find. They will have an icon on the map and after arriving at the legendary animal’s territory, they can be tracked by using the character’s ability, the “Eagle Eye” to point out their current location. 

While roaming around the map, the character will meet different people from every town and there will be a special mission known as Stranger that once it’s done, another mission from that person will appear that sometimes it will not appear in map icon as a “?” sign anymore but its name initials now appear. Stranger missions can be encountered in a specific area and they can appear during specific times of the day. Bounty hunting is one of the side missions of the game that can be done even if the game’s story is finished. It is found in different towns inside the Sheriff’s office. The character must approach the Poster to begin the bounty hunting side mission. Once the criminal or violator has been tracked, it must not be killed at any cost and must be brought in the Sheriff’s office alive to succeed in the quest and gain money as a reward. 

Fishing is also available in the game and it can be done anywhere on the map. The fishing rod and fishing will be unlocked once the character progress in the story. Fish that have been caught can be used as food to restore health but it can only be used when camping to cook it. Aside from normal fishes, there are also Legendary Fish that can be caught in a specific area of the map. If you are not sure where to find and locate those legendary fishes, here is the complete detailed map containing all the information including other collectibles and sidequests of the game.

The character’s clothes can be changed by going to the TailorFence that sells unique masks and can craft wearable trinket items, and Trapper. The Trapper can be found in different areas and can make you an outfit that is made out of the pelts of an animal that the character hunts down. Some outfits to make require a legendary animal pelt or a specific one and cash must be added to make it. When it comes to saving, the game saves automatically but it can also be done manually by selecting it in the options of the game. Weapons like guns and melee weapons are purchasable in the Gunsmith Store but some of its weapons are lock in the early game. Some are just obtainable by taking down an enemy or simply rummaging the area especially houses and private properties. 

When the character is being hunted down by the bounty hunters due to its bad behavior like killing everyone or causing a commotion to every town, it can be paid out by going to the Post Office to pay its bounty so that the bounty hunters will stop tracking down. Honor is also the reason why the character is wanted to law and bounty hunters. Mini-games like Blackjack, Dominoes, Five Finger Fillet, and Poker can be found either in camp or in towns. By doing this unlocks an achievement of the game if all mini-games were played. Some missions are about gunning and chasing, that is why health and stamina are paramount. 

Health and Stamina can be restored by drinking or eating in the inventory that can also be used in real-time when running or in the middle of combat. The health can also be decreased when the stamina is depleted. Health, stamina, and dead eye are the character’s cores. Dead Eye is a special ability of the character that slows time and hit all the enemies’ certain body parts in a distance by marking it. This can be essential in a tight situation or want to save some bullets. Be vigilant to any passerby when fighting to prevent them for reporting to the local officials or try to behave in town to avoid it. However, just like the two cores, it also drains and requires provisions to fully restore it. The character can swim but it cannot dive deep and stamina is being drained while staying or swimming in the water. When the stamina is drained, the character will also lose its health and will slowly sink in the water and will die. Nevertheless, remember to keep an eye on the stamina core. 

Horses have also cores but only health and stamina. It can be restored also by feeding it in the inventory. The horse’s bond level between the character increase by riding it all the time, praising it like giving a pat, and of course grooming it that the staple. Staple is also the place where you can buy new horse or sell it and you can store a maximum number of horses. It is also a place where you can buy a provision for your horses. By doing this will increase the horse’s stamina and health but food and tonic can also be used to restore it. Weapon switching is convenient by just navigating the weapon wheel and some owned and purchased weapons are stored in your horse. Just remember to pick the best weapon before leaving your horse for a gunfight. Always keep in mind extra firearms like pistols and revolvers are important especially in a dire situation. Switching to secondary weapons helps to save the bullets of your main weapons like rifles and shotguns. Take note that some specific weapons are handy in specific combat. 

Enemies can be taken down without using violence and wasting bullets that prevent anyone from noticing it. Stealth kill plays an important role in this game to save some ammunition and without alerting nearby enemies. Be sure to move the bodies away and hide it to prevent someone seeing it. Stealth can be done by using a bow, throwing-knife or approaching the enemy from behind to initiate a stealth blow. Red Dead Redemption 2 will take some time to finish since it has a great length of a story plus its side-missions that makes this game worth to play. 

The game also has an online mode where other red dead players team up with another to do a specific mission or just ride their horses together feeling like a genuine cowboy. Red Dead Redemption 2 is not just about shooting, robbing, and running. It also contains a splendid story in the past that gives insight or idea including how people live during that time and fighting for their rights to be free from others’ judgment. RDR2 will make you stay at home until the game is finish and there’s so much more to explore even if the game’s story is completed. You will never know what you will encounter in the wild west.

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