Overwatch’s new archives event – Storm Rising

A new archives event was announced by Overwatch twitter after its recent teaser on April 7 with a picture detailing a somewhat news headline regarding an omnic incident. Storm Rising will be the third chapter of archives after the recent Uprising and Retribution archives event.

According to the lore, Storm Rising takes place six years before the current event and focuses on a squad led by Tracer. The archive event story will focus on Tracers mission to infiltrate one of Talon’s operations wherein one of the Talon council member Maximilien is involved. It’s possible that another new hero will be announced during the event. It may be Maximilien himself or a rumored Soujorn named character.

From the audio log, Tracer, Winston, Mercy, and Genji will be the playable characters for the mission. The roster seems to be like an Overwatch league season 1 dive team. The event will also showcase the new Havanna map as were the Talon council table is also located.

As for the character updates and rewards, there’s going to be new skins for the mentioned heroes which are only obtainable from the lootboxes of the event. All the recent archive event specific skins will also be available on the store and at a discounted price. We can also expect the return of the 2 campaigns from the previous archive events.

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