Experience the Future Vibe – ESGS 2019

Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, simply known as ESGS. Ever since its first event that had started back in 2014, the community and the participants have grown year by year. Even its exhibitors and sponsors have grown that is why participants got their attention and became much more curious about the event. Attending the ESGS every year is like taking a vow even when you are bombarded with schedules in work, home, and other activities.

The Official Gaming Fuel of this year’s ESGS is Mountain Dew where they gave away free Mountain Dew drinks to fuel the energies of all attendees in the event. Of course, a gaming fuel is not enough without something to chew on to fully appreciate and make it memorable. Mentos is the Offical Candy of ESGS 2019 as they also gave away to ESGS gamers a quick snack to nibble while playing their preferred games. This year’s ESGS theme is based on the upcoming Game in 2020, Cyberpunk that has a futuristic vibe full of neon lights where there are also Cyber Cities and other booths from the exhibitors.

On top of that, their new mascot this year is Astra who is the persona theme of ESGS 2019 that was cosplayed by Awie De Guzman. Astra can be seen around the event to take some selfies with the attendees and other cosplayers. Her merchandise including shirts, mousepads, and stickers was available at the merchandise booth at the ESGS 2019 event. Thousands of participants attended the event including families, groups of gamer friends, and cosplayers. Moreover, gaming brands also participated in the event to exhibit their products. Their major exhibitors are MSI, HyperX, AGON, Viewsonic, ASUS, Predator, and more have come to share their surprises and promotions to the attendees of the event like giveaways and test their latest products for free while playing their favorite games.

Also, Tier One, a gaming company that manages talented individual in the gaming scene, is one of the Major Exhibitors of ESGS 2019 that conducted an audition for gamers who are also interested to join the company. Other Exhibitors like XPG, Corsair, Power Color, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and others had also joined this year’s event that also gave giveaways. The phenomenal Kojima Productions returned this year for their anticipated Game “Death Stranding” that is now available on PlayStation 4 and will be making its way to PC in 2020 and merchandise was sold on their booth. Tournaments were also conducted like DOTA 2, NBA 2K20, Tekken 7, League of Legends, Mobile Legends, and PUBG in different booths that anticipated by the fans by joining and watching it.

Some of the winners received gaming peripherals and other prices. As part of the gaming event feature, a cosplay competition is being held annually in ESGS that is why this year, more participants signed up to compete with other cosplayers to showcase their skills and passion in cosplaying. Lots of fun and gaming moments happened this ESGS 2019 and it will forever stay in our hearts.

ESGS 2019 would not be completed if it weren’t for its two Co-Presenter; PLDT Home | Fibr and Smart that made the gamers interconnected to each other and providing a stable internet connection during the event. Thank you to Mr. Joebert Yu, Founder / Managing Partner at Gariath Concepts that made the event possible because of his hard work and passion in video games.

How’s your experience in ESGS 2019? I hope you all enjoyed it and together, we will see each other again next year.

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