Death Stranding confirmed to be coming to PC in 2020

PC Gamers rejoice! It is validated that the much-awaited enigmatic game Death Stranding is making its way to PC next year. After Kojima Productions tweeted that their upcoming game will be available on PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019, they have vigorously stated that the game Death Stranding will be coming to PC in early summer of 2020. This goes to show that the game is not a PlayStation 4 exclusive anymore. Well, sort of because it is now a timed exclusive only.

All of us have thought that the game will be forever exclusive but it seems that Kojima loves his fan so much even the PC Gamers. With its PC version ready to launch in 2020, it is crystal clear that the game will have its enhancement like the graphics including the new Ray Tracing feature, enhanced lighting, and probably 4k resolution that will make as awe and make our PC cry. System Requirements of the game are still unknown but it will certainly need a mid to high-end PC to play it smoothly without any frame drops or giving us a system error message.

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With the rampant news of Console exclusive games coming to PC like the Red Dead Redemption 2, there might be more exclusive games to come like Kingdom Hearts 3, The Infamous Series, Uncharted Series, and many more games from Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, since the PC version of the game will be released in the early summer of 2020, it is best that the game must still be played whether you own a PS4 or not.

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