Darksiders III (Game Review)

The Journey so far

The act of charade is finally starting to expose when the apocalypse was triggered by breaking the six of the seven seals by the former leader of the hellguard. Darksiders III finally revealed the third Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Fury, who was given a tasked by the Charred Council to investigate the sudden start of the Apocalypse and pointing out that War, his brother started it. War is being captive in the Charred Council’s grasps. Fury was dispatched in a place called Haven and it is located on the earth to stop the seven deadly sins that freely roam on it. Later she will realize which side she must believe and who really started the apocalypse. Conspiracy will be unveiled as Fury travels the earth while fighting the corrupted, Angels, and Demons. The game was released just a few months ago on November 27th of 2018 following its predecessor Darksiders II that was released back in 2012.

Combat Options and Difficulties

When you played its previous games and if you are Darksiders fan, it has a story that cannot be easily comprehended at first. The story of it has its own depth which makes the game more exciting to play and to know its plot. DS 3 brings a whole new experience from its previous games. There are two combat modes to choose before starting the game: Classic and Default. Classic lets you feel the previous Darksiders games by activating an item and health without any animations. This is an advantage when fighting enemies and bosses to heal instantly when in low health or while dodging an attack. Default, on the other hand, will finish the animation of dodging before using an item. There four Difficulties also to choose before starting the game: Story, Balanced, Challenging, and Apocalyptic (the hardest mode). Don’t worry if you are having a hard time defeating enemies and easily dying in 3 just three hits. You can change the difficulty during the game but take note that some achievements will not be unlocked based on the difficulty of the game.

Fighting styles and Leveling

Fighting style and combat in this game are quick to learn and remember unlike me that rarely doing a combo. Weapons can be obtained through playing the game’s story unlike DS 2 that can get by buying, opening chests, and dropping from the enemies when they die. Each weapon has its special rage attack that can devastate the armies of heaven and hell. This game reminded me of DS 1, weapons can be equipped with sockets to utilize its potential. Each socket can be enhanced up to level 4 by speaking to Ulthane. Aside from upgrading socket enhancements, Weapons also can be upgraded up to level 10. Socket enhancing and upgrading weapons will require the right ingredients. Finding the right ingredients are easy and scattered all over Haven. DS 3 is akin to DS 2 because it has a leveling system although, in order to level up in DS III, souls will be needed. Once you have enough souls collected, speak to Vulgrim and you can trade your souls to him to level up Fury. Once you have leveled up, Attributes points will be added on the status screen. Points can be allotted to Health, Strength, and Arcane. Fast Travels are also available in this game like the previous DS games.

The number of the Riders shall ever be Four

The playtime of the game can be completed and finished in just 20 hours or less that depends on the difficulty. DS 1 and DS 3 share the same playtime that differs from DS 2 that consists of side quests which make the game longer but worth to play. One thing I noticed playing DS 3 is that there is no map or mini-map compare to DS 1 and DS 2. Only a direction and boss’ icon on it that makes the game more challenging to play and explore. Darksiders III is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam). The game has its deluxe edition that adds two DLCs in the future that might connect it to the next Darksiders game or maybe we will have the chance to play Strife. I hope that there will be a New Game Plus in the future updates to complete the collectibles and the achievements. Now that the Four Horsemen are in the limelight, we cannot deny that Darksiders IV will be coming soon. Darksiders games can be played by anyone who loves hack and slash with a combination of Action Role-Playing.

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