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The Power to Control

Having the power to control everything is the greatest gift that a human being can have. That is why we all wish to have supernatural abilities like flying, teleportation, gaining the invisible ability and manipulating any objects around us. That is why we play video games to escape the realities we live in and forget it for a while to feed our fantasies and dreams while playing. One of the much-awaited video game, Control is now available on three gaming consoles; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Epic Game Store).


The game is developed by Remedy Entertainment who also developed Quantum Break and Alan Wake and it is published by 505 Games. Control is a Third-person-shooter Science Fiction action-adventure game that takes place inside a secret US Government facility known as the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) assigned to study the rules of reality and hindering any peculiar events to compromise it by subduing it. Jesse Faden is the lead protagonist of the game who enters the facility of the FBC also known as the Oldest House to seek the whereabouts of her younger brother while unveiling the secrets of it.

The game has a shape shifting gun and other abilities

Her telekinetic abilities that can lift any object to destroy any obstacles including enemies and her melee attack that still uses the telekinetic power that pushes the enemies away from her dealing a heavy amount of damage. Aside from her supernatural abilities, she also has a gun that can shift into different forms to help her fight the forces of the hiss and other corrupted employees of the Bureau. Additional abilities can be obtained throughout the game by acquiring the Object of Power that is scattered in the vast shifting facility.

Maps and Quests

Control has a total of 4 maps that can be explored even after the game is finished to complete the remaining side quests and collect all the items in the game. Mods for upgrading the gun, forging new weapon forms and personal mods like increasing the maximum health, increasing the energy, energy recovery speed, and other essential abilities that can sustain her during battles especially to bosses when being equipped. These are dropped from the enemies and can be obtained from a special box or by completing the Board Countermeasure. Extra challenges or extra missions called the Board Countermeasures that are not related to the story of the game but it can be beneficial after it has been done. Doing this before advancing in the main story of the game makes the character more prepared and stronger by consuming the ability points garnered by completing the challenges. This can also be done even after the game is finish.

Upgrading the abilities using earned points

Ability points are mainly earned when finishing either a side quest or the main quest of the game that lets the character upgrade its primary ability attributes like health, energy, melee damage, and other telekinetic energies that will make the game easier when fighting. Similar to any other game to showcase the appearance of the character, the outfit of the character can be changed by accessing the control points throughout the map. Once a control point has been claimed, Jesse can fast travel to previous locations that have also a control point. These can be effective when traversing to different places when completing a specific quest or just doing the challenges.

Fast Travel to any claimed Control Points

Once a control point has been touched, the character’s life will be fully recovered and be saved from any threats nearby. The game has no difficulty selection before starting the game and there is no New Game Plus (+) option in the main menu when the game has been finished. Remedy Entertainment always makes complicated game storylines yet they never fail to amaze how they express their ideas when creating it. I prefer their idea to tackle the laws of reality by mentioning the Astral Plane and other unprecedented events like the Hiss, Altered Items, and the Object of Powers. This game gave me an Inception and Doctor Strange vibe when the structures are being returned to normal from an altered state after claiming some control points.

DLC Confirmed

The game is convincing and pleasing after playing it for approximately 12 hours that left me one question that will it ever have a DLC to end the story of the game or will the game let us conclude for ourselves what will be the possible end of the story after its endgame? The answer is yes, it will have a DLC in the future according to Remedy Entertainment per se that it will feature a Photo Mode where you can take a cinematic shot during the game on any part of the map even when fighting.

Aside from the additional feature of the game that will be available in the future, a New Game Mode called Expeditions is free for all players that will be a challenging new end-game mode where Jesse will explore bizarre places. She will face a lot of obstacles that include stronger enemies and other difficulties. The character must be ready including having the right abilities and weapons to survive.

2 Paid Expansions Incoming

Aside from the New Game Mode and the Photo mode DLCs, 2 Expansions will also be coming in the future but it will not come in free. The first paid DLC Expansion is named Foundation and it is planned to release in late 2019 or early 2020. According to the blog post of the game’s official website, “The Foundation will delve into the history of the Oldest House. At the request of the ever-mysterious Board, Jesse must explore what lies beneath the Bureau as she returns order to the Foundation and the Oldest House itself. Expect things to get weird”.

The second paid DLC Expansion is the AWE (Altered World Events) that is set to release mid 2020. “AWE, will take Jesse into a new part of the Oldest House, the Investigations Sector, where the Bureau closely examines Altered World Events”.

Final Verdict

Overall, Control is a kind of game that will take you beyond realities and start to wonder if the Astral Plane is genuine or just a hoax. Furthermore, it has an in-depth story and worth playing to unveil the mysteries of the Bureau. The combat system somehow shows a resemblance of the game Quantum Break but this time, it features an additional and different style along with its shape-shifting gun. Remedy Entertainment deserves applause for making another Sci-Fi game but the question is, what kind of game will they make in the upcoming years after the successful release of Control and its upcoming DLCs in the gaming market?

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