Overwatch’s new archives event – Storm Rising

A new archives event was announced by Overwatch twitter after its recent teaser on April 7 with a picture detailing a somewhat news headline regarding an omnic incident. Storm Rising will be the third chapter of archives after the recent Uprising and Retribution archives event. According to the lore, Storm Rising takes place six years […]

Get nostalgic with the New SEGA Genesis Mini.

In the recent Sega Fest 2018 event, the Japanese video-game developer Sega unveiled the Mega Drive Mini (Genesis in the US). A miniature and modern version of their 4th generation console that was planned out following the success of the NES, SNES mini of Nintendo and the PlayStation classic of Sony. The release date of […]

Borderlands 3 Official trailer is finally here and it’s chaotic as ever.

Gearbox Software’s upcoming third installment to their highly praised series Borderlands has finally been revealed with a new story, characters, and of course, billions of guns! After the released of Borderlands: Pre-sequel, this marks the first new game in the series since 2014. It took gearbox around 4 years to develop borderlands 3 and finally […]

2 New Nintendo Switch Consoles Coming Soon!

In the next upcoming months of 2019 there are 2 new switch consoles that may be released, according to rumors from The Wall street journal in the recent year. This is somewhat expected by fans and video gamers alike as Nintendo is known to have 2 consoles per generation of gaming. One for a Main […]

Steam’s redesigned UI Library is coming soon!

On Steam’s keynote at the Game Development Conference (GDC) on Thursday, March 21. They announced and showcased their new redesigned update for the Steam store and game library interfaces. The new update design presents more information at a glance and makes it easier for users to jump back into games. This is a glimpse of […]

Apex Legends Season 1 is here with a New Hero, Battle pass and more.

44 days after the release of Respawn entertainment’s amazing battle royal game “Apex legends”, comes its very first Season. Wild Frontier. Wild frontier is the biggest update since release as it introduces a new Character, Battle pass and in-game Balance updates. Here is the complete list of the game changes. The new character, Octavius Silva […]

#1 Twitch streamer Shroud update.

After being confined in the hospital on march 11 because of a Scooter accident, Fans are eager to know the condition of their beloved twitch streamer. Shroud’s supportive community gave him get-well messages as well as multiple gifts while they are standing-by new updates regarding Michael Grzesiek’s recovery on twitter. With the ever supporting community […]

#1 Twitch Streamer Shroud injured after scooter accident.

On Monday, Michael Grzesiek also known as Shroud was injured after accidentally falling off while riding a scooter. This happened just days after he became number 1 on twitch subscriber count surpassing ninja’s subscriber count. He tweeted on march 11 to “blame the scooter”, A sudden tweet out of nowhere and fans quickly heard and […]

SONY PSVITA is now officially dead.

This week, Sony has officially announced the end of their beloved handheld gaming console Playstation VITA. According to the Sony Interactive Entertainment SVP Hiroyuki Oda, He has confirmed during a media session with Japanese video game magazine Famitsu that their manufacturing of the said console has finally come to an end. In his following statement: […]

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