GTG Game Review – A Plague Tale: Innocence

Single Player Games are still the best games

Some linear games are good when it comes to gameplays and stories while other genre-related games lack what gamers are expecting that in the end, it will leave them frustrated and regret that they have bought the game. There are a lot of games that can be considered worth-playing and can be recommended to others by just delving through the game’s platform store. Some of it has a cheap price but the depth of the game makes the game worth buying. “A Plague Tale: Innocence“, is one game that made a huge impact on the market and has received numerous positive feedback from those who have already played the game.

An Introduction to the game and its mechanics

The game is developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive that is released on May 14 of 2019 available in three gaming platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It is an Action-adventure Third-person game with a linear story that is set in France, late 1348 that tells the story of two siblings on how they manage to escape from their tragic homeland being pursued by the inquisition and fighting the epidemic brought by the hordes of ravenous rats. The game started with just a normal scene and will give you a tutorial about the controls like movements and basic combat. There’s no denying that the graphics of the game is impressive and other objects like the grass, trees, houses, and other structures are all very detailed. Controls like movements in the game need improvement based on my playthrough especially when running in a zigzag or diagonal direction that helps the character escape from certain hazards.

One life and One weapon

All games have Health Points or simply called HP but in this game, when an enemy gets closer to you, it will be an instant kill unless you have a special item that will save Amicia’s (the protagonist) life to evade death or to counter the enemies. Enemies can be slain or they can be maneuvered to avoid death with the use of her Slingshot weapon that can be upgraded via the workbench. The game will also be over when your companion (little brother or other NPC) is seen and annihilated so make sure to keep an eye on them and protect them always especially when there are multiple enemies. The slingshot is her only main weapon in the game, nothing more, nothing less but the attributes of it can be upgraded like reducing the time to swing before it hits enemies or other projectiles to distract them and to make the damage more lethal.


Not only the weapon is upgradeable in the game, but also the equipment. The capacity of the materials and ammunition in the equipment will increase based on the upgrade level but it will require specific materials to upgrade it. Alchemy attributes can also be upgraded as well like dealing more damage and its effectiveness against enemies. This upgrade can also reduce the time of crafting while fighting or just running throughout the game. Upgrading all of it to max level requires time and patience for grinding enough materials needed to achieve it. Sometimes, going back to previous chapters just to collect various materials needed for upgrading is essential. For those who are completionist or wants to complete the game 100%, collectible items aside from upgrading that are missed in the previous chapters can still be obtained by re-playing it at the main menu of the game and some special dialogue scenes with other characters can be unlocked as well.

Stealth and Puzzles

Playing this game cannot be finished recklessly for it has many puzzles to solve to progress and it can also help the character to save ammo and pass through obstacles quickly without exerting any extra efforts. Stealth is also needed in this game not just to instant kill an enemy but it also lets the player walk throughout the battlefield silently without engaging any battle but once caught, it will be the end. The stealth mode can be activated of course when entering in the bushes while crouching or when behind enemies and as long as the character is hidden from the eyes of enemies.

For PC Gamers

Since I have played this game on PC in 1080p Max Settings, I get a stable 72 FPS but sometimes it gets higher and lower than that but never drops below 60FPS. If the specific area of the game requires a lot of textures and details to render then the FPS will be compromised unless the rig is equipped with a higher tier GPU that will not bottleneck on the CPU but it runs well on my CPU i7-6700k, GTX 1070 Ti, and 16GB RAM without having any graphical and performance issues like stuttering and sudden frame drops.

A Game that is worth playing

Overall, A Plague Tale: Innocence is a captivating and intriguing game where you will run from the enemies or either shoot them in the head using a slingshot and evading rats as much as possible to stay alive throughout the whole story of the game. It has an in-depth masterpiece story that can be considered an outstanding game that deserves applause from every gamer that already played it. This game will surely make everyone play for its semi-survival combat system and its amazing storyline. The voice acting and the dialogues in the game are well delivered and it perfectly matches the setting of the story. In my very own opinion, the main message of this game is that everyone even the most powerful and highest-ranking person or even the proclaimed holy living individuals still aim for more power to manipulate and control everything.

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